Monday, November 9, 2009

Hat's, Guitar's, and Stars!

Wow, what a whirl-wind of a weekend!!

Friday, Sophia and I went down to spend the day in Greenwood! My dear friend Leslie and her 3 month old baby girl Adelynn were in town from Chicago! We were able to spend lots of time at my parents earlier in the day! I found this precious hat at Buy Buy Baby for Sophia! (Now she is twins with Maeve!) She was totally cheesing it up when I was taking her picture!! As she grows up, we should probably work on her "modeling pose!" (Can you see her two top teeth? She likes to grind her bottom teeth with her top two! It makes the WORST sound ever!)

A few weeks ago, our dinosaur big screen TV bit the dust. So sad to see it go!! :( It was about 20 years old!) It was really perfect timing b/c my dad has been itching to get a new flat screen plasma TV! He offered to sell his old TV to us and so Saturday morning Nate and Brandon headed down to Greenwood to pick it up! It took 4 guys to get the TV loaded on the truck! Heck, the thing weighs 275 lbs!! They finally arrived with it and hauled off the broken dinosaur!
We spent lots of time to get everything arranged! Here is the final picture! Now we just need a nice big family picture to hang above the TV!!

Saturday afternoon we headed out to Beasley's Orchard to get their new apple, "THE GOLD RUSH." I believe it was created at Purdue (but I could be wrong!)! It is a great apple -- you should check your local orchard to see if they have some!! It is a fairly young apple type so check soon before they are all gone!!

Saturday evening we celebrated my dad's 58th birthday! It is so crazy b/c I always think my parents are in their 40's. Maybe that is when their birthday's started meaning more? Or maybe it was those surprise 40th birthday parties for both of them that stick out in my head always?

Below is dad showing off his new "pick" from Sarah and Brandon! He was so excited about this piece of art! He can't wait to hang it up in his "music studio." As you can see Sophia was interested in the wrapping paper!! HEHE

Sophia also found joy in the plastic container that held his Best Buy gift card! She figured out she could see through it if she held it up to her face! She thought it was funny to smash it against her nose too! It provided lots of laughs for the family!

Sunday, we decided to get out Olivia's Colts Cheerleading outfit for church! Sophia was a "star" cheerleader all day for the Colts!! Good thing she cheered with some extra loud "squeals" b/c we were all worried they weren't going to pull off a big VICTORY!!

Go Colts!!! (Go Butler Bulldogs too! For once their football team is undefeated!! Who knew?)


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