Sunday, November 1, 2009

Quack Quack!!

Sophia had a wonderful time Trick-or-Treating with her daddy, grammie, and grampie Kiesel! I had volunteered to work on Saturday, so this mama didn't get to go!! No worries, I will take Sophia around next year!! :) The word on the street was Sophia was pretty somber and wouldn't crack a smile until the very end! She loved holding the candy -- double-fisted (of course)!! Who knew shaking a bag of M&M's could be so fun for so long!!!

"Who let the duck out? Who-who? Who let the duck out? Who-who?" (Gotta love that little tail too!)

Grampie, "Somber-Ducky," and Grammie Kiesel

"What on earth am I doing in this costume?? Could someone please answer me that?"

Daddy and his little "Quack-Quack"

"Sophia, make your best duck face!!"

Maybe next year we will get some smiles!! :)


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Apryl said...

She makes an adorable little duck!