Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tongue Tied...

The strangest thing has happened to taste buds changed over night for the worse!!!! On Wednesday morning I woke up with this HORRIBLE taste in my mouth. I had breakfast and my oatmeal just seemed to taste bad... it wasn't the same as it used to be, but I couldn't put my finger on what was different. I brushed my teeth and tongue(well, actually scrubbed VERY hard) and the Crest toothpaste created a worse taste in my mouth. I thought, well, I better whip out the Listerine. I swished Orange Listerine around in my mouth and even gargled -- no change. I was total disgusted the whole way to work and put a peppermint in my mouth to try to get rid of the horrible taste! NO DICE!! I couldn't take that for but 2 minutes. I started panicking... what is this awful taste in my mouth that I can hardly describe???

For my morning snack, I opened my yogurt, and it tasted horrible too!!! Ahh!!! I had a turkey sandwich with plain baked lays for lunch and was OK. So, I thought I would wash it down with small piece of chocolate -- WRONG!!! That brought the horrible taste out the worst!!! I was only able to eat veggies and meat at dinner last night as well!!! I even tried to use the end of a spoon to scrape off my "cells" to allow new ones to be on the surface, but this didn't work!!

I went to bed with HIGH hopes that my taste disturbance would vanish overnight like it came, well, I was WRONG again... today was just the same. If I attempt to each anything with sugar, even wonderful FRUIT... I get this horrible taste in my mouth at the back of my tongue.

So, you may be asking yourself... what exactly does it taste like? Well, for anyone that has taken Biaxin before and know the metallic taste that comes with it... When anything somewhat sweet (even natural sweetness like fruit) touches the back of my tongue, the only thing I can taste is "copper" and "metals." When I chew up a banana, it feels like I am chewing on copper pennies!! This is THE MOST REPULSIVE taste in the whole world!!!

What in the world am I going to eat??? I can eat turkey, plain bread, cheese, cottage cheese, cheerios, rice, some veggies, and meat -- no fruit, yogurt, oatmeal, or sweets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love fruit so much and can't imagine living without it for 16 more weeks!!!!

Does anyone have a solution to this problem? What on the earth is going on??? I know that anything can happen with pregnancy, but heck -- you don't hear of taste disturbances in the second trimester -- usually just the first, right??

Of note: I woke up on Tuesday morning with a horrible earache and my lymph nodes on the right side below my jaw are swollen. I had one of my docs check my ear out today and she said, no infection, your inner ear looks perfect. However, my outer ear is somewhat inflamed and red. I still have the horrible earache!!

So, 1 million dollars (well, maybe $1 instead) to the person that can solve AND eliminate my problem!!!

Any takers???

Allyson and Miss Peanut


Trina said...

how crazy allyson!!? i've never heard of anything like this. seeing as how i deal w/ the mouth everyday though, i'll have to ask my professors about this one. strange indeed! i'll let ya know if i find anything out!

Erin A. said...

Ok, this is a long answer, but I found the following article for you, go to I'll also try to copy it into an email for you. One of my patients that gets metallic taste from her meds swears by V8 juice to get rid of it. If it works, do I win the million (I mean $1) prize. :)