Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"My cup runneth over..."

My weekly emails tell me that "my cup should runneth over" right now... that is my bra cup. Well, I have news for them... I don't think my cup will EVER runneth over!!! They also tell me that I should sign up to be a Victoria's Secret Model with my new "cup" problems! Unless Victoria secret is coming out with a new training bra line, I probably won't be on their A-list! :)

In the news this week:

-Peanut's hands are fully developed
-She spends most of her time moving around in the darkness of my uterus!!
-Peanut's brain and nerve endings are developed enough now so that she baby can feel the sensation of touch. I guess I should stop pushing down on my stomach trying to illicit a kick huh?? Poor peanut!
-Peanut's arms and legs have grown to almost the proportions they will be at birth
-Peanut's nostrils which used to be plugged up, now have cleared out so she can practice breathing through her nose! Hum... isn't that interesting??
-Peanut's spine is made up of 150 joints, 33 rings and some 1,000 ligaments
-Peanut's capillaries are forming in her body right now to give her skin a "pink glow"
-Her blood vessels in the lungs are developing this week! (That is a good thing huh?)
-Peanut should be about 13.5-14 inches long which is about the length of a elementary school music class recorder! Random huh?
-Peanut should weigh over 1.5lbs (which means our lil peanut probably weighs over 2 lbs)

Peanut has just restarted her Zumba classes again this fall. She only got to do Zumba for the first 4 weeks of her life and then Zumba was over!! She was quite upset (I imagine), but we have remendied the problem with the new fall classes!! I think she likes dancing all around, swinging those hips, and doing the cha-cha steps!!! :) Although, she has been missing her friend Apryl and hopes she comes back to join her again soon at Zumba! :)

Love, Allyson and Peanut

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DEBSIK said...

I know that Peanut misses her friend Apryl, but she is also delighted to have her MIMI standing behind her mommy now at Zumba to make sure that mommy doesnt shake, rattle, and roll her to much!!!!!