Friday, September 5, 2008

A solution or answer for my problem?

Thanks for many of you that shared opinions and guesses for my mysterious problem that arouse overnight Tuesday into Wednesday.

One very intelligent girl (EA), might have come up with an explanation to my problem...or at least an explanation that makes the most sense taking into account all my circumstances....

We think I might have somewhat of a viral ear infection (thus the pain and heat radiating out of my right ear for 3 days now). The right side of throat is very red and my right side lymph nodes are very swollen. However, the good thing is that there is no pus or fluid behind my eardrum (thank heavens!) My outer ear canal is very red and inflammed!!

A very wise EA found :"Many naturalists believe that the metallic taste is toxins being released by the lymph glands. These naturalists believe that the toxins are being released to protect the fetus from the side effects of exposure to the toxins."

So, doesn't it only make sense that my swollen lymph nodes and viral infection could be to blame for my immediate change in taste buds overnight? One doctor also stated that the viral infection could infact change the normal flora in my mouth as well!!

So, the grand prize of $1 goes to EA!

Allyson (in pain) and Princess Peanut (enjoying the easy ride)

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Katie! said...

That makes sense. Remember that you're considered slightly "immunocompromised" now, which is why you can't do anything (like care for cats)or eat anything (Listeria) or interact with anything (you get my point). A viral infection like this is probably something that you would never have noticed before you were pregnant, but is now trying to take advantage of your delicate situation!

Good luck and hope you feel better!