Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Leave her alone...

This blog post will be a little different than any that have come before it, but I feel it necessary to address some of the issues arising in our country right now. I hesitated to write this post b/c I know that I have democratic supporters that read my blog. I do not mean to offend anyone -- these are just my thoughts and feelings on this issue!

I am so sick and tired of people bashing Sarah Palin! Some members of the left-side are completely OUT OF CONTROL!!! They are bashing her character, her family, her lifestyle choices, her experience, and the list goes on and on and on... There are "30" lawyers and scum-seekers headed up to Alaska to try to dig up as much dirt on this poor woman as they can find -- and since they probably won't find much or ANYTHING, they will make stuff up! Just like the Daily Kos that made up the lies about her baby boy Trig being the son of her 17 year old daughter and Sarah is just "covering up" for her! Give me a break people? How dare you say something horrible like that? Why would you say something like that??? That is a straight LIE!!!

Why do people keep referring to her as the "former mayor of a small town?" She is the current governor of the state of Alaska!! Give credit where credit is due!! If she were a male, this would NOT even be an issue. Heck, she has way more on her experience list than the Democratic nominee for president!! But you don't hear the media talking about that, do you???

Why are they questioning her ability to raise her children? Obama has two young children at home and this has never once been an issue with him!!! Raising children is a joint effect b/w the husband and wife in the house! It is not only the responsibility of the woman to raise the children!! Palin has a very supportive husband and continues to show involvement in her children's lives -- who are we to say what she can and cannot do as a mother and potential VP? I don't think we (or the media) have any place to judge her in that area!! That is just wrong!!! If she were a man, once again, this would NOT be an issue!!!

I was very upset to see the cover of US Weekly this past week with Sarah Palin on the cover and it states "Lies, Sandals, and Babies" or something of that nature. How misleading and what a bunch of crap??? The article is poorly written and is not "fair balance" as one would think a "Trash Magzine" would at least be. Nothing in the media is "fair balanced" these days! Don't get me started on the fact that the media wants Obama elected and that is clear to anyone in the US.

I will tell you why this is happening --- (or at least my opinion for what it is worth) -- She is everything the Democrats feared in a Republican candidate for vice president and then some!!!! They are so scared about the damage the McCain/Palin ticket is going to do, they are trying to find anything out there to discredit her character!!! For the first time, I think they see that they CAN be beat and they are scared! No longer is the "hailed chief/the one" a shoo into the White House. There will be a fearse battle!

I wish the Democrats would rather spend their energy telling Americans what "CHANGE" they will bring about instead of just preaching the word "CHANGE." Change is not a destination!!! The American people need to know specifics of what will be changed. Not the "hope" that change will occur. Hope is not strategy. I find it hilarious that CHANGE is their central message and Obama picked Joe Biden for his running mate!! Joe Biden is the furthest thing from change in the world. Biden is so intertwined with every lobbyist in Washington and sweats "Washington" blood. He is not change at all! He is the same that we have and then same that we have always had!!

Well, I have said enough... I just wish this election would become a more positive race to the White House with the main focus on the American people and what would be best for America!! I wish the focus would be on telling Americans what specifically will be accomplished when victory is won!! Why can't we stop character bashing and start actually talking about what matters????



Whitney and Jake said...

Amen, Sista!

DEBSIK said...

I second that motion---- Sarah Palin is probably one of the most credible polititians around- with moral character and views that EVERY American should have.
Go McCain/Palin!!!!!!

Steuer Family said...

I agree Allyson!

Dennis & Juanita Roof said...

We agree with you 100% Allyson.
We enjoy your Blog so much.
Denny and Juanita Roof