Monday, May 13, 2013

Singing, dancing, and twirling ...

Here are a few pictures from Sophia's Spring Program at school as well as Mother's Day!!

Can you find Sophia's face?  Her teacher's are on the watering can!
  Oh how we LOVE Miss Heather and Miss Pam!

Yes, she is "cheesing"! 

"Thank you Lord"

Aligators saying Thank you Lord!
Sweet Girl!

 Mother's Day with my BLESSINGS!!

Love this girl so much even tho some days she drives me crazy!

Best one of all three of us!  One day there will be a great picture ... until then ...

Love her!
You can tell these three kids were THRILLED to have their picture taken!
  Sophia is the only one we can bribe with dessert for a smile!  The other two could care less!

Happy Mother's Day to a WORLD CLASS MOTHER!

Mimi and her grand kids!  

I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating the blessings and "Mothers" in your life!

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