Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Nate!

Happy Birthday to my WONDERFUL husband, Nate!!  To a companion and a best friend anyone could ever ask for!  Thanks for all the wonderful memories and we look forward to the many more to come!!

Excited Daddy is home and anxious to celebrate his birthday!

Daddy's Birthday Cake!  Homemade GF Chocolate Cake with
 fresh raspberry puree and homemade icing!

Daddy LOVED his cake!!  

In other HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE news .... (Yes, I am screaming loudly) ....

I think Sophia is FINALLY fully night trained!  She has been day potty-trained since 22 months, but unfortunately, she is such a hard sleeper, the night training has been quite stressful and taxing!  We have tried everything in the book and nothing work!  I finally broke down and did what I said I would never do ... We have been waking her up before we go to bed (usually about 10pm) to go to the bathroom!  She is like a walking zombie heading into the dark bathroom to pee!  It is hilarious!  She is so out of it that she NEVER remembers us coming in the next morning!  Since we have been doing this, she has been dry!  Below you will see a picture of her "reward" for 10 straight nights of dry panties! :)  She picked out a new Barbie at the consignment sale and she also received a trip to orange leaf!  (The awesome part was the Barbie only was $3.50!)   I have come to the conclusion that this poor girl cannot hold her bladder the full 12 hours she sleeps, but she can hold it 9-10 hours!  So, we will take that stretch and consider it done!

Thrilled with her reward she picked out!  I would love to know where the consignor got this new Barbie b/c it was definitely from 1996!  But still NEW IN THE BOX!  Ha!!

This morning we headed to the Children's Museum with one of my closest friends, Erin, and her two girls!  We had to capitalize on the last few weeks while the big kids are still in school!  The CM was pretty bare this morning, which we LOVED!!  I am not ready for the summer crowd!  We get spoiled during the weekday mornings in the school year!

Farmer Jackson!

Lovin' the carousel ride!

Silly girls!

Two peas in a pod!

This picture explains it all!!  
Love these kiddos!  Such a fun trip!

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