Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tea, Princess', and Bling ... That is how we roll!

The month of January has been quite busy in the Long Household!  We kicked off January with Sophia's 4th birthday party!  She had a Princess Tea Party!!  We have been talking about this for over 6 months now, so needless to say, she was thrilled when the actual day arrived!!  She invited a few of her closest girlfriends and their mommies!

The Tea Room Menu

Ready for guests to arrive!

Thanks Pinterest!  Mommy and Sophia had fun making these edible tea cups!

Her friends!  One was a little shy and missing from the picture!

We set up a fun little photo booth behind the couch for pictures!

Mimi, Papa, and the 3 grandkiddos!
Grandma and Grandpa Long!

Everyone had a WONDERFUL time and the girls (and mom's) got to taste test tea, create their own homemade tiara  as well as eat fun ice-cream cupcakes!  Sophia still talks about how much fun she had at her birthday tea party!  It was also a great excuse for me to break out a beautiful tea set that we received for a wedding gift and haven't had the chance to use!

Two weekends ago, Nate and I had the WEEKEND without KIDS!  Yes, you read it correctly, WITHOUT kids (insert HEAVEN!)  My parents kept the kids from Friday evening till Sunday evening!  We packed those 48 hours FULL of fun stuff together!

Saturday morning we ran 5 miles, then headed downtown to the new library.  We sat on the top floor of the Downtown library for 5 hours.  Complete peace and quiet!  It was INCREDIBLE!  Below is a picture of our view!  It was a beautiful sunny winter day, temps in the mid-40's.  We played games, did our bible studies, read books, and just chilled out!  It was very recharging!

View from Library seat!
We stayed until they closed the library, then headed back to the Bosphorus Cafe to use up our last Groupon.  We both enjoyed some Turkish food and a great atmosphere!  We were able to listen to a great podcast on marriage while waiting for our food!

After dinner, we headed north to Broadripple and chilled out in the Starbucks.  We talked and played some games on the iTouch.  We then headed over to the historic Hinkle Fieldhouse for the Butler Basketball game!  It didn't start till 9pm, but we were geared up with lots of energy for this ESPN College Game Day vs. Gonzaga!  As many of you have probably heard, Butler beat Gonzaga in a buzzer beater, 64-63.  Our seats were incredible!

The National Anthem

Love me some DAWG!

After the game, notice the court is FULL of people!

Yes, this was amazing and we were HERE!
Here is a movie clip of the crowd storming the floor after the buzzer shot!  It was amazing!!

Finally, we have been spending lots of these cold winter evenings at home ... dressing up, (well, that is Sophia), and having dance parties!  What else do you do to pass those long hours b/w 4-8pm?  Ugh!!  Sophia and Jackson were quietly playing in her room alone -- always have to check when it is quiet ... I found Sophia had given Jackson a little of his own BLING!  Don't ya love it?  The perks of having an older sister!!

Please don't hate me for this in your teenage years Jackson!

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