Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wow, it's been SO "LONG!"

I can't believe it has been since the middle of October since I have blogged! :(  So sorry about that friends and family!  I tell myself each day, "I should blog about this .... or that ..." but never get the time to sit down to do so!

Here is what I have been working on the past few days .... you probably have seen the idea on Pinterest!  Gotta love me some Pinterest!  Although, I have been working on my Pinterest addiction and haven't been on for at least a month!  I know ... gasp now ...

My sis made one of these for Hannah, so I thought Sophia probably should have one too!  We split the felt so it cost both of us probably less than $5-7 to make this!

The ornaments are all hand made (many of the ideas were Sarah's ... gotta give her credit, I just copied!) and they come off and on the tree!  I can't wait till she wakes up to find it on the wall and has a chance to play with it!!


Since I haven't blogged in 2 months, here are the months in pictures ...

Trip to the Children's Museum in early November.  Jax had a blast playing in the sand!

Somehow I don't think a Harley is in her future!

Jax is NOT OK being in the passengers seat!

Tea anyone?

Digger + Princess = Hum?  

Fun picture from Eagle Creek while Nate and I had Jackson for the weekend!  We went for a nice long run!

Halloween 2012: The tale of a dog and his Princess!

My little pumpkins!

Sophia's Preschool Picture!  She is growing up so quickly!!

Hannah-banana the LadyBug, Cinderella Sophia, and Woof Jackson!

What a warm evening ... well, for the most part!

We ran into "Belle" in the neighborhood!  Sophia's friend Maddy!

Sugar-high or slap-happy ... you pick!

Every dog needs a good bath!

The LOOT ... no, she didn't get to eat it all ... she got about 1/16 of it over the month,
the rest either went in my mouth or the trash!

I promise to stick with it .... blogging is my way of journaling, but somehow I am running out of time!

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