Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy 6th Anniversary Sweetheart!

Dec 9, 2006 ... when we pledged our love for one another and our life long commitment!

Dec 7, 2012 ... when we celebrated our 6 years of marriage!

One of the fun things we enjoy to do together as a couple is try new restaurants!  We aren't talking new chair restaurants, or the newest Bob Evans ... we are talking, unique, eclectic restaurants with ethnic foods!  The day before our anniversary, we found about about an awesome Turkish restaurant downtown near Eli Lilly called Bosphorus Istanbul Cafe through a Living Social deal.  (Living Social is like Groupon).  We paid $12 and were able to order $25 worth of food!  (Of course, we couldn't stop at $25! Ha!)

The atmosphere was incredible as it was an old restored house.  There were no more than probably 20 tables in the whole restaurant.  The decor was native to the Turkey area.  Many of our friends raved about it ... so we took the plunge and SO GLAD we did!


We ordered an appetizer of Babaganush.  It is broiled eggplant mixed with tahini and parsley! It was rather unique, but quite tasty!

I ordered the spinach chicken and Nate ordered the lamb kabobs!

Loved the asparagus spears in the chicken which was PERFECTLY cooked!! Amazing!  

Nate's lamb was INCREDIBLE as well!!  The rice, veggies, and salad were all very tasty!

Last year we celebrated with Moroccan food!  Turkish food this year!  Do you have any suggestions for next year?  Please comment and let us know!!

How do you celebrate your anniversary?  

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