Tuesday, September 6, 2011


... YOU FAILED MISERABLY ... You didn't live up to your name for this major preggo mama!! :(  Boo on you!!!   Don't you realize child, it would have been an awesome birth story to say you were born on Labor Day??

Alas ... enough of the negative nancy-stuff though b/c we had an AWESOME Labor Day together as a family!!  For the past 4 years, we have participated in the North Salem Old Fashion Day Celebration.  They always have a 10K run that is our late summer challenge!  For obvious reasons, I couldn't run ... but Nate was able to! (Thanks to this child still baking!)  Our good friends the Beards came out to enjoy the day with us in North Salem.  Chad and Nate were able to run the 10K together!  My sister, Hannah, Chad's wife Libby and two girls, Sophia, and I hung around while the boys exercised.  My parents were able to make it out to do the 20 mile bike ride too!!

Here are a few pictures ...

Two studs ... pre-race ...

Hannah, Sophia, and Maeve -- snack time!

Getting ready for the gun shot start

Singing and dancing on the main stage while Daddy runs!

Learning how to give "2" Thumbs up!  Ha! 

Dead after the 6.2 mile run ... 

One last family shot before the baby comes!! 
The rest of the day was full of showers, naps, a cookout, and YUMMY food!  The only thing missing was contractions!!

Hope you all had a wonderful labor day celebration with friends and family!

Keep checking back for updates and posts about baby Long #2's arrival!

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