Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What have we been up to?

I honestly think I get the biggest slacker blogger award of the year!  So sorry!!! I am now 21 weeks along and STILL feeling sick at times, mostly in the evenings which cuts down on my blogging!!  I really am alive and Sophia is still growing and changing each and every day!  I wish I could get the energy to get back to my 2-3x/wk blogging!!  Maybe soon? 

Here are a few pictures of our past month ....

Playing at the park with Isaiah! :)  

Asking mommy and daddy to take my picture ... (Sometimes!)

Helping mommy prepare for Easter Brunch

Sitting on the Big Girl Potty all by myself ... We might be onto something ... she has FINALLY pooped in the toilet for 6 days in a row with clean/dry diapers at nap!!  Would would have thought it would take 5 months to get her to start going #2 on the pot?  Ahhhhh ... what a sigh of relief!!

Showing off the Easter eggs she colored with Mimi and Papa

Babysitting baby Hannah 

Listening for bowel sounds?  Ha!!  Most normal people would look and see this picture as a hug .. medical people think of bowel sounds! 

We had a very blessed Easter and celebrated with family!  What an awesome time to reflect on Christ's death, burial, and RESURRECTION!  He is Alive INDEED!!

I hope you had a very wonderful Easter!!

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