Thursday, February 12, 2009

Where in the world are the Longs?

I know, I have caught grief from more than one person about my lack of blogging! I really do try to get on here and blog, but I am so preoccupied by a little Princess during the day (and night) that I find myself a little behind on common tasks, such as blogging. Nate has always called me one of the most efficient people he knows and he and I both recognized... I just can't be "efficient" with an infant at home. I used to be the "Household Queen" and do laundry, sweep, clean the kitchen, hang up clothes, pick up the house... all at once. Now I find myself just struggling to eat and nurse at the same time! But alas, Grammie and Grampie Kiesel are here today for some relief for this mama.

I know it has been over a week since the last post... so let me recap!

Sunday we had a nice journey up to the northside for a few visits. We first visited Chris and Ingrid Baird. Nate works with Chris at Cummins. They just welcomed their first baby girl Elissa into the world 2 weeks after Sophia. We had a nice visit and took a long walk!! It was so beautiful outside!!

Although the sun was out, it was really windy, so we tried to block her face from the wind. Isn't she precious?

This was the first time Chris and Ingrid had their stroller out and about! I think they really enjoyed the walk!! We know Elissa did b/c she slept the whole time!!! Not our little Sophia, she had to scream for a little bit until she fell asleep!!

After our visit with the Baird's, we headed over to the Bounsalls for a little visit!! I babysat for Lauren (below) starting when she was 4 months old and have stayed connected to the Bounsall's since 1998! Over 10 years!! They are like my second family and they are just such WONDERFUL people!! :) I wished they lived closer!! Lauren will make a wonderful babysitter someday soon!! I can't believe how fast the time has gone!!

Monday Grampie came to visit after his doctor's appt. He always loves his one-on-one time with Sophia!

She loves laying in the sun for her daily Vit D! He was doing some "exercises" with her legs!! After a tough workout with her "trainer", she took a nice long nap for us!!

Tuesday we went over to play with Olivia and Apryl!! We had such a nice time!! Olivia is at such a fun age!! I love reading books to her!! She is especially cuddly after a nap!!

Isn't it amazing that Olivia is a little less than 2 years older than Sophia! It is hard for me to believe Sophia will be that big in just 2 short years!!! We love living 7 minutes away from our dear friends!! They can't move unless we move too!

Today Grampie was able to spend some one-on-one time with Sophia while Mom and I went to Kohl's to get some clearanced clothes for next winter.

Look at Sophia's cute little hands!!! She loves getting a bottle of breastmilk b/c it is SO much less work to get out and less time!! Although, it takes her brain awhile to register that she is full after taking a bottle since it takes her SO long to nurse!!! :)

We have had a very busy week!! Looking forward to the weekend when daddy is home with us!! It is daddy's first full week back to work since Sophia was born!! Rough on mommy so I had to plan lots of social outings and visits!!!

Next week Grammie and Grampie Kiesel are going to FL, what is mommy going to do???

Here is a final picture to close of our little princess!

Sophia is such a good girl in the morning when mommy is trying to get ready for the day!!! She loves to hear the shower water run!! She also loves watching mommy dry her hair!! The white noise from the hair dryer is one of her favorites!

Allyson and Sophia

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Erin A. said...

Yeah an update! I love all the pictures! Enjoy your Valentine's dinner with your hubby! :)