Friday, February 20, 2009

"8" is great!

We hit the BIG E-I-G-H-T last night!!! Sophia slept from 10pm to 6am this morning!! I was thrilled!! Unfortunately I woke up a few times to check on her, but overall had a great nights sleep! Can't really complain since she isn't quite 2 months old yet!! I hope this is a new trend that we are starting and not just a fluke! Now, if I could get this child to take more than 1-3 hours total worth of naps during the day, I would be in heaven!! Minimal naps during the day = meltdown at night!! It isn't pretty folks!!

PS> This isn't Sophia!! Just an adorable picture I had to post!!!

Hope all is well for you all out in blogger-land!

I am looking forward to a chance to blog more this weekend and post a few pictures! I might try a video!!

Well, this mom is going back to bed for (hopefully) 2 more hours of sleep!

Allyson and Sophia


Amber said...

Yay!! Sophia!! Congrats to Mommy!! That is pretty amazing...I hope she keeps it up for you!

erin p said...

I wish I could allow my kids to be photographed in such a cute manner...I just hope there are some arms just out of the frame. The first word to come to mind is "neglect" :)