Friday, February 27, 2009


Each evening around 8pm, Sophia is pretty fussy (shocker huh?). Our new way to solve this problem is to have a dance party with her in the living room!! (As you can see in the picture, it knocks her out after about 15 minutes of dancing!)

For the past two nights, daddy has been dancing with her to Earth, Wind, and Fire. Tonight, mommy decided to get in on the action!! Dancing with her in the living room with the music pretty loud brought back some great Butler memories with my sorority sisters at Phi Psi on their dance floor. Oh, those were the days huh? Dancing until 1 or 2 in the morning!!

Alas, flash forward many years and you still find me on a dancing on a Friday night -- but no fraternity party, just a "Long" party; no cute shirts, only comfortable clothes; no dirty sweaty boys, only babies with spit up; no shady characters from the Butler-Tarkington neighborhood, only 3 people in attendance; no sticky floors, just clean carpet; and no more late nights, just "early" mornings!! It's me and my girl and my handsome husband rockin' our dance floor!!

Ah, the memories of those college days and a full-night's worth of sleep without interruption!!



Amber said...

I really enjoyed reading this post! It sounds like you guys are really having fun being new parents!

DEBSIK said...

My sweet babies!!!! YOu both look so good in this picture- Sophia will probably be just as wild and crazy as her mom! I thought you went to Butler to study- now I know your secrets!

love mom