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"People don't usually think of God like this, but God is the original action hero.  Everyone is so impressed when Superman blows a car over with his breath, yet God created the whole universe with His breath.  Superman may save the day with his strength, but Jesus saved the whole world with His death ... The action you read about in these 750 pages is nothing compared to the action that will occur once you put this book down.  How will you answer God's call to action?"  (Doug Mauss, General Editor)

With an introduction like that, don't you want to pick up a copy of "The Action Bible: God's Redemptive Plan?"  The Action Bible is an excellent source for supplemental Bible story reading with your children!  It contains the major stories of the Bible (215 of them) starting in Genesis and ending with Revelation.   

Internationally recognized artist Sergio Cariello has created attention-holding illustrations marked by rich coloring, dramatic shading and lighting, bold and energetic designs, and emotionally charged figures.  Of note, Sergio worked for Marvel and DC Comics.

I have taken a few pictures for you to get an inside view.  I used the crucifixion pictures as we are getting close to our Resurrection Sunday celebration!  Can you feel the emotion that must have been felt by those along the street as Jesus walked by?   The look on Jesus' face in this picture takes my breath away.  He knew what was ahead of him ... down that long road ...

Another shot of Jesus with the thief on the cross.  The close up of the crown of thorns on his head.  

MY REVIEW:  The Action Bible is a comic-book style picture Bible for children ages 5-8.  I would imagine that older children would also enjoy this as well!  The stories are in chronological order and shown in the appropriate setting.  Since I have been studying Genesis this year in BSF, I looked through intently at the pictures of Genesis and was very impressed with Sergio's illustrations.  The characters ages are depicted correctly as are the emotions.      

As I mentioned above, this is an excellent supplement to your child's actual Bible.  As with most children's Bibles, the stories are "based on" the actual scripture verses.  The author includes the specific chapters (sometimes verses) under the title.  For example when Jacob's sons are reunited, "Family Reunion Based on Genesis 45-47."  When the pictures are "based on" the actual Bible, one must remember it is somewhat subject to the author and illustrators interpretation.  You will find commentary, extra-Biblical comments, and other information in the stories.  Once again, you find this with most children's Bibles.    

As one reviewer said it so clearly, "The Bible came across as a continuous historical account of God relating to man with a redemptive plan in action (rather than as disconnected morality tales about heroes of the past).  

Most of you know, my little guy is only 18 months old, so he wasn't a candidate for a review for this Bible.  My 4 year old daughter LOVED looking at the pictures!  The first day she sat for over 45 minutes flipping through the pages!  I have a friend who has two sons, ages 5 and 8, so I thought they would be the perfect candidates to review this book.  Both sons were THRILLED to see The Action Bible sitting on their coffee table when they arrived home from school.  They recognized it from other kids at church!  They both couldn't put it down.  The 5 year old was really drawn to the illustrations, however some of the content his mother had to simplify.  However, the 8 year old was the perfect age to fully enjoy this book.  His mother said it was the "perfect reading level and content for my 3rd grader.  It was a great way to draw kids (especially little boys) into the stories of the Bible."  I also had her review the devotional and she really enjoyed it.  Her 3rd grader really was able to find practical application from the lesson.  The lessons were perfect length and had a great learning format.  

My husband and I both feel that as long as parents don't shy away from teaching the actual Bible, The Action Bible is a great supplemental overview book for kids.  It teaches them how to appreciate the Bible as a whole as well as God's redemptive story that He has planned from the VERY BEGINNING of time!  The Action Bible is probably the most complete and comprehensive picture Bible.  It will draw them in by its "fun" nature, so as a parent you don't have to "make" them read their Bible.  It helps relate true Bible stories with what they currently enjoy in life: super heros and action heros!  It also will teach them that their faith is to be ACTIVE, not passive!  How many adults don't realize this truth?    

If you are interested in other resources, check out the devotional and the handbook.  Both are incredible resources!  The devotional works well with The Action Bible, but also could be used as a stand-alone resource.  I think the devotional would be perfect for your 7-9 year old!  The practical application is fantastic!  

Also, check out their WEBPAGE and find free coloring pages, BATTLE GOLIATH (game), see samples of the artwork, as well as watch the Action Bible Trailer!

WIN IT: You have an awesome opportunity to win your OWN copy of The Action Bible.

Please leave a comment below of any memories you have reading a Children's Bible or why you think your son/daughter would enjoy this Bible.  Also, please make sure to leave your EMAIL address so I can contact you if you win!

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Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not monetarily compensated for this review.


Andrea Moberly said...

I'd love to have this for my youngest! As a child who already loves comic books I bet this would really draw him in to the greatest action story ever!

Kelsey said...

I had several Bibles geared towards children when I was young and NONE were near as cool as this one. We have an okay Bible for him right now, but the pictures are not great and there aren't many so he isn't interested in listening, he just wants to turn the pages quickly so he can see the next picture.

Kelly said...

This is a really neat Bible! Nathan would looove this! We have a good storybook bible now that the kids enjoy, but he's almost too old for it so this would be perfect for him right now.

Heather Schmiedicke said...

I don't have memories of reading from a Children's Bible, because I didn't have one! I rec'd a Bible when I was baptized at about 9 and it was the King James version - I remember trying to muddle through it at a young age and not understanding much. :) I would love to have this for my little guys - what a beautifully illustrated way to share the superheroes of the Bible with them!

Adam, Jenn, and Isaiah said...

My boys would love this Bible! Isaiah is really enjoying learning new stories from the Bible. He would be thrilled to be able to relate what he enjoys about super heroes to the true stories in the Bible! Amazing illustrations!

Dana Williams said...

My boys would absolutely love this Bible!!! There are 2 things they especially love in this world and this children's bible encompasses them both!!! I send my boys to Greenwood Christian School, not because I have anything against public school, but because I love that Christ is the center of their curriculum as He is the center of our life! My kindergartener has to read 20 minutes every night as part of his homework and he is not the typical kid! He hooded his story bible every night!!! His love for God amazes me and warms my heart!! I may not have a ton of extra things, but I am giving my boys the best start possible through their school and our church involvement as well as discussions at home! This bible would make a great addition and I just know that my two little super hero, God loving boys would love this!!! :)

Dana Williams said...


ddjohnson1017 said...

Sadly, I do not have any memories of reading a children's bible and would like to create some for my daughter. She has been asking questions that I cannot answer. Maybe this will help us both and bring us closer together.

megan herald said...

oooh this looks so perfect for my son!! i have so many childhood memories of pouring over the stories in the "children's picture bible" (i think that was the name?) which had comic-book type illustrations. my husband and i were just talking how this would be a perfect gift for our Landon's 4th bday!

Mr. Frank said...

I remember the Today's English Version with stick figure illustrations. I really liked that one.