Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Special Day with Mama!

My parents offered to take Jackson for 2 nights, so I could spend 100% of my time and energy with this sweet girl!  I have tried to pack full our schedule with fun special events that will create lasting memories!  I have learned that it isn't the $ spent, rather the effort I put forth to figuring out what makes this girl smile the most!!

Today we dropped Jackson off around noon and headed to Subway for a girl's lunch!  I love that Sophia will eat the turkey sub JUST AS I LOVED IT: loaded with veggies, spinach, black pepper, and oregano!  That girl doesn't complain and loves every bite like her mama!

We came home and read tons of stories and she took a nice long nap!!

After her nap I surprised her with an afternoon of fun!  First we went to Shear Fun to have her nails painted! (Best $6 I have spent in awhile!).  The girl that did her nails took lots of time and even added a top coat of silver sparkles!  Sophia LOVED every minute of this!!  Can you tell by the pictures?

Pretty nails!

Just before this picture, she leaned over, kissed me, and said, "I love you mommy!"
(Insert HEART MELT!)
After we left Shear Fun, we headed across the street to our new Goodwill!  We love looking for treasures, plus I can't pass up the 50% off clothes rack for kids clothes!!  She told me she would find a really good treasure and she sure did ... a handheld Barbie computer, batteries and all ... $2.99!  Oh yeah!  It has some great learning games and challenges for her age!  

After leaving the Goodwill, we headed to our favorite frozen yogurt spot in Avon, Orange Leaf!!  I LOVE Orange Leaf so much b/c they have 15-20 different flavors of frozen yogurt that is self-serve.  You pay by the ounce.  Good thing for us is that we have excellent self-control and only get about 2-3 oz each.  Plus I had a $3 off coupon, so I was able to purchase our "treat" for $1.04!  She enjoyed EVERY SINGLE BITE!  Believe me, I did too!!

Of course this is a STOCK photo ... not our dessert!  

When we got home, we had a yummy dinner followed by her favorite ... A POPCORN PARTY!  We watched the first half of Monsters, Inc together while eating homemade popcorn!!

I think this little girl is having fun, what do you think??  All for a grand total spent for the day $17.06!  Not too shabby huh?

Tomorrow we are headed to the Children's Museum with my sister and cousin Hannah along with the library in the evening.  Thursday morning we have a play date with a good friend and then we are headed to Trader Joes and Whole Foods to stock up on our yummy treats and "clean" food!!

I forgot how easy it is with just a preschooler ... wow!  Such a nice break!! :)

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