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I like it to B-Sweet… Boresha's B-sweet REVIEW

I like it to B-Sweet

You all know my desire to eat healthy and provide health choices for my family.  But I have to admit, I love the taste of sweets, and if you are truthful, most people are that way.  With most Americans consuming over 150 lbs of sugar a year, I know I am not alone in my search for a healthy sweetener option.  I also have a family history of Diabetes, so I have extra reason to be cautious with sweets and sweeteners.

As I considered all the new and old sweeteners on the market that claim to have no calories, the choices were overwhelming.  When choosing a sweetener, I considered the following questions: “ Is it natural?”  “Does the body know what to do with it?” and "Has it been linked to cancer, headaches or some other problem in the future?"  I considered honey, maple syrup, organic sugar but all of those contribute to fat storage and higher blood sugars…not good!  I looked at a myriad of non-caloric sweeteners and found Stevia to be natural but hard to use because it has a noticable after taste and is challenging to near impossible to bake with.

I decided to just use brown sugar and coconut sugar, until I was introduced this summer to a great low glycemic natural sweetener that does not cause blood sugar increase and does not promote fat storage.  The taste is pleasantly sweet and it is granular. It looks like sugar and can be substituted in recipes in the same amounts as sugar.  It can be used in coffee, tea, lemonade, sprinkled on cereal or any other way you would use sugar.  It even carmelizes when heated to give that great finish to desserts.  My diabetic family member has been using it for months to help keep his blood sugar stable and he loves it. I have been using it just like sugar for the past 6 weeks!

MY REVIEW:  When I use  B-Sweet™, I don't feel the least bit guilty that I am putting something that "might" be bad for me into my body!  I am confident in the science behind this product and love having it to share with all the members in my family!  To get a similar sweetness to Stevia, I had to use quite a bit more (in terms of volume), but it doesn't have the same bitter aftertaste that you find with Stevia.  When I make my oatmeal in the morning, I used to put 1 tablespoon of brown sugar to get to the taste I desired.  I have to put about 1 heaping tablespoon of  B-Sweet™, to get a similar taste, but it isn't as sweet.  However, it does taste more natural!  

I haven't been using any artificial sweeteners (Splenda, Sweet N Low, or Equal for YEARS), so I won't be comparing those for this review.  

Well, now you know why they call it the "Family Sweetener."  Its safety crosses all age barriers as well as the diabetic barrier!!

Here is a great family recipe with it!  We made it last night and it was AWESOME!!

Homemade Kettle Korn:
½ cup organic yellow popcorn
1/4-1/3 cup extra virgin coconut oil

Place the corn in a large steel pan with a lid and add the coconut oil as the popping oil.  I used my pasta pot.  Heat the pan and shake a few times for even heating of the corn. When the popcorn is finished and still hot, sprinkle with B Sweet and sea salt to taste.  Add the lid for 1 minute to let the B Sweet melt on the popcorn.  Mix with a spoon and enjoy a healthy family snack.


Here is the nerdy part of my review for you who want a little more science on this sweetener.  The product is made from carbohydrates called glycosides extracted from acai berries and kiwi fruit.  The prorietary extraction process leaves a delicously sweet granular sweetener that is safe for diabetics, children, pregnant and nursing mothers.  There are no cautions at all on the label.  It is sweet, it is natural and it contributes no fat storing  properties  like sugar and other sweeteners do.  Here  is a link to more detailed information on the product.  It has been tested and certified low glycemic by the Glycemic Research Institute through human clinical trials.  Now that helps me have confidence that the science really has shown the product to meet all the criteria many of us want in a sweetener.

I hope you are as convinced as I am with all the awesome information provided!  Head on over (to the website below) and check it out!

BUY IT: HERE  (As of now it is not available in stores, but can be purchased on line.) 

Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. 

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