Thursday, September 13, 2012

Finally .... Finally ... Finally!

I have waited and waited and waited ... and the time has FINALLY come!  My sweet boy FINALLY decided he was going to crawl!!  Of course he held out and waited until First Steps came YESTERDAY to work with him for a full hour of physical therapy!  By the end of the PT, he was doing "2-3 crawls" on his own!  Tonight he crawled for about 10 feet!  Here is a clip from his first "real" crawling adventure to get to my cell phone!!

I am excited to watch him grow stronger with the continued PT and see what is in store next!  Maybe, just maybe, he will walk by 15 months!!  I am not holding my breath, but oh ... he is getting SOOOOOO heavy! 22 lbs to be exact!!

Stay tuned for more pictures from his 1st birthday party!

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Mols said...

Hooray! Hope that eases your mind a little :) Jacob didn't start crawling until 11.5 months, then walked at 15 - and none of this playing around and falling stuff...he took off like a shot and hasn't looked back since!