Friday, June 8, 2012

Deals, Deals, Deals ...

Seriously, I LOVE garage sales!!  Last night as I plotted my "treasure map" from the newspaper and craigslist, I knew we wouldn't make it to all of them -- and we didn't, but check out the deals for this morning ... all in less than 2 hrs!

 $15 TOTAL for 1 kids beach chair, Disney Belle dress up outfit, CP sleeper, Jax winter fleece outfit, Gymboree sleeper, Buzz and Spiderman jammies, white sweater, Cinderella dress up, 2 Disney princess jammies, 24 mo Osh Gosh Winter coat, Old Navy fleece outfit, Carter’s play outfit, 2 CP polo’s, and 4 American Eage/Aeropostle Polo’s for Nate!  SCORE!!!  

$5 TOTAL for 1 Children’s Place sweater, 2 dresses for Sophia, 1 CP shorts, 1 jumping beans shorts, Old Navy top for Sophia, foot massager, and of course Sophia’s favorite ($0.25) Dora and Tico and car!!!

This is becoming a game for me ... and it provides quite the thrill!!!

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