Thursday, June 21, 2012

Deals, Deals, Deals ... JACKPOT!

Thursday's garage sale finds ...

$16 for ..... 2 long sleeve onesies, soft blanket for Jax, summer pj's for jax, 2 pairs of stride rite shoes in excellent shape, Thomas the train official onesie outfit (for our trip to see Thomas this week!), Tonka Fire Truck, Ball Popper, Christmas outfit (sweater vest, plaid shirt, cords) for next Christmas, "Born to be Wild" 1 piece summer outfit, 2T cargo shorts, 3T khaki pants, Brand New Old Navy 2T white long sleeve thick shirt, Hat, 2 piece fleece outfit for next winter, Christmas PJ's for this year, "boy" colored snack catcher, and ice cream scoop game for Sophia for vacation!

Not too bad huh? :)  The best part about it was the company ... Sophia, Jackson, Sarah, and Hannah!!  


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