Friday, February 19, 2010

My Knight in Shining Armor ...

"Love never calculates; love never thinks how little it can decently give; love’s one desire is to give to the uttermost limits’ and, when it has given all it has to give, it still thinks the gift is too little."
- William Barclay

When I heard this quote last Sunday in church, I was just struck ... Many thoughts went through my head, but one of which was, "Do I show this kind of love to my husband, my best friend, now that Sophia is here and we are a family of 3?" I wanted so badly to say yes, but the honest truth would be no .... probably not at all times. The thing is that Nate IS most worthy and deserving of this intense love and devotion. Why is it that when you have your first (or second or fourth) child, the natural tendency is to transfer this type of love towards your children at the expense of your spouse? Could it be because kids take so much of our undivided attention and time? Could it be they are so needy that we can only extend ourselves so much? I know God doesn't want it to be that way -- He is very clear in the Scriptures. However, it still happens so easily?

I have been spending lots of time in prayer and thought this week, trying to find ways that I can show Nate how much I love him and cherish him. He is the most wonderful husband any girl could ever ask for!! He is so giving of himself for our family. He works his tail off at work, so that I can stay home and raise Sophia! He commutes 2.5-3 hours EACH DAY so that we can stay in our house surrounded by a wonderful community full of friends and a great church. Nate stays home with Sophia 1 weekend a month, so I can get out and work with adult interaction and mind stimulation. Nate is a romantic and is always trying to find ways we can connect on deeper levels. On Valentine's Day he surprised me with a pedicure and foot massage at the Nate Long Spa! Not too many men would be so selfless to do "Satin Feet" on their wives! I could go on and on about how wonderful of a man he is .... but I will keep the rest of my thoughts to myself b/c they always bring a smile to my face and joy in my heart!!

"Love's one desire is to give to the uttermost limits' ...." Nate always seems to give to the uttermost limits.... so how can I give to my uttermost limits each day for him while still loving and caring for a toddler?

Are there any secrets you wives have out there that you would like to share?


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