Saturday, February 13, 2010

Holding one sweet baby girl!

Whew .... what a busy week!! Filled with highs and lows ... starting with the high ...

This past Wednesday, I had the opportunity to take a meal over to Jon and Mel as well as hold little Jolie Cate. Check out my previous posts for background on this tiny little miracle baby!! She is such a doll! Seriously, I think she gets cuter EACH day!! Is that possible? Sophia, Sarah, and I had a nice visit with Mel, Mel's mom, and Jolie. Jolie slept in my arms most of the time. What a heart-warming feeling, although, I am NOT ready for another little baby anytime soon!! (Just in case you were all wondering!) I covet my sleep at night!! Ha!!

Thursday morning I started feeling a little nauseous on my way to drop Sophia's off at mom's. I was scheduled to work 8:30am - 4pm. I was really looking forward to my first day on our new system. We are finally jumping into the 21st century with computer technology! Throughout the day, my nausea continues to worsen. By 2:15pm, I had to make a trip to the bathroom. Two lessons were learned immediately -- (1) Puking is NO fun. It might be one of the worst things in the whole wide world. (2) Puking in the Meijer public toilet is absolutely disgusting!! It makes you want to puke even more!! They should be cleaning those toilets at least 3-4x/day - SERIOUSLY!! To make a long story short, I only lasted about another hour at work, by 3:30pm I told Steff I had to leave. I was so sick and getting worse by the minute. I managed to make it to mom's house where I slept and laid on the couch for the next 5 hours. Thank heavens my parents were able to watch and care for Sophia! She and I ended up spending the night in Greenwood b/c I was too sick to drive us home.

6:45am Friday morning I awoke to my cell phone ringing -- it was Nate and he was sick at home needing his Florence Nightingale at his bedside, so Sophia and I headed home. Nate and I were sick all day long!! Whew ... it is REALLY hard being a mom and being sick at the same time. I am really worried for baby #2 b/c the morning sickness with Sophia lasted about 20 weeks. I don't think I can handle another 20 weeks of Thurs/Fri with a toddler! YIKES!!

Finally by this afternoon Nate and I were feeling back to 75%. Hopefully tomorrow we will be at 100%!

One way we pass the time is play our new FAVORITE game ... Bananagrams! Have you heard of it before? We never had until researching games on Amazon. It was actually the #1 selling game on Amazon last year. It is a mix of scrabble and boggle, however, each person creates their own puzzle, and you don't have to wait for the other players to take turns! I am not a patient one ... so this game is great for me!! Ha!! It is also extremely portable, as you only have to carry around the banana seen below. Here is one creation ... although Nate informed me I used a proper noun (which is not allowed) and thus I should have become a "rotten" banana and the loser! Can you figure out which is a proper noun in the picture below?

Going bananas,

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