Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Photo shoot with the kids!

We seized the day, temperature, and Sunday family time for a mini-photo shoot with the children!  Nate found the spots close to home this morning during his run!  I LOVE having a husband that is also an awesome photographer and awesome at photo editing!  Of course he has many other awesome traits too!

Thankfully no one drove by while I was acting like a complete fool jumping up and down with Sophie the Giraffe trying to get the kids to (1) look up (2) smile (3) sit still and ALL at the same time!

Sister and Brother

My sweet boy is getting too big!

I loved this one!

Sis will be 4 years old soon!


Laura and Jeremy said...

These are so good and so sweet!

Anonymous said...

These are such sweet pictures of Sophia & Jackson. They sure are growing up fast.

Darlene Campbell