Monday, July 30, 2012

Lake Cumberland ... Adult Adventure

This summer we had the WONDERFUL opportunity to head to Lake Cumberland with some of our friends!  We stayed in their parents houseboat and had THE.BEST.TIME!!  We laughed and laughed!  It seriously felt like we were newlyweds again ... no kids ... no whining ... no naps ... no schedules .. no diapers ... The only thing we worried about when/if it was going to rain and spoil our "water playtime!"  We were really recharged to get away from all of our children and enjoy some adult conversation!  We stayed up most nights playing games, laughing, and talking!  We spent the days on the Jet Ski, Ski Boat (tubing and also trying to learn to ski, wake board, and knee board!)  I was never able to get up on the ski's, but made it up on the knee board the first time I tried!  I had A BLAST!  Every single muscle in my arms were sore for the next two days! Ha!!   The 6 of us hope to make it a summer tradition to get away without the kiddos!!

Megan, Libby, and Chad!

Our fearless captain: JUSTIN!  He was THE BEST SKI BOAT driver EVER!  

Libby and I on the tube!

Chad rockin' the tube solo

Umm ... Chad .. you are on top of Libby! Way to protect your bride!

Swimming out in our cove near the houseboat!

The back of the houseboat!

Our view in our own cove!

What a stud!

Knee Boarding ... this TOTALLY rocked!

Driving the boat back into the dock!

Our WONDERFUL hosts: Meg and Justin

Our Alabama friends .. Chad and Libby

3 handsome dudes!

sweet friend, I miss you!!!

Meg, me, Lib 

All of us minus Nate the photographer!


The houseboat at the dock!!  
We are so thankful to Justin's parents for allowing us to use their houseboat!  We made memories that will last a lifetime!!  Thanks again!

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Anonymous said...

Nate & Allyson,

I can relate to the fun you had on this housboat as we did housboating for about 25 years and one of our boats looked about like this one. It was so relaxing to be right on the water and to get to see all of God's nature even down to the rippling of the water that made you feel so calm and peaceful.

Darlene Campbell