Saturday, May 26, 2012

Garage Sale season is upon us ...

Hi, I am Allyson and I am a garage sale addict!  I LONG to look through the paper and craig's list on Wednesday night searching and plotting out our treasure map for the next three days!  It is something that we LOVE doing as a family!  Sophia is really getting into it this year!  She always asks "Mommy, when are we going searching for treasures?  Is it today?" 

Thursday morning I spent $12 and found Sophia a Disney Princess scooter, 2 Disney Princess long-sleeve shirts, 1 Disney Princess night gown, almost NEW Colts Cheerleading 2-piece outfit, Jackson 2t gap shirt, praise baby Christmas DVD, gorgeous tutu, and 2 Minnie dress up outfits!  Pretty good deals huh?  

Friday morning I hit the name-brand jackpot ...  $14 for 3 two-piece gymboree outfits, 1 pair stride rite shoes, 2 GAP hoodies, 1 gap dress!  

When I see garage sale signs, I can not help but follow them .... we are usually on our way home and I see one more ... I think to myself ... "ok, just one more ...."  then I see another ... "ok, JUST ONE more ..."  Sounds like a true addict huh??

I LOVE LOVE LOVE garage sale season!  What are some of the best deals you have found?

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