Wednesday, April 18, 2012

7 months and FINALLY life is getting a little easier ...

I never thought 7 months would come ... the days and weeks go very slowly, but the months seem to go quickly!  Easter Sunday, Jackson turned 7 months old!  I have really been able to enjoy him much more over the past month!  Some of that *might* be due to the fact he is sleeping better at night!!  Ha!!  Praise the Lord!!

Sitting up ... almost by himself ... still a little wobbly at times!
I forgot how much fun it was making baby food!!  We have been busy trying lots of new foods.  Honestly, I can't seem to keep track of the 4-day wait period between different solids!  Sometimes it is just a day! Oh well, the things that are different with baby #2 compared to the first born!!  No weird rashes yet, ok digestion!

Here is what we have tried ... and the verdict ...

- Avocado (yummy, LOVES it!)

- Sweet Potatoes (who doesn't love these?)

- Pears (YUM!)

- Bananas (He likes them ok, but likes the other fruit better!)

- Organic unsweetened applesauce (yum, yum!)

- Stonyfield Farms Organic Whole Milk PLAIN yogurt (seriously this boy LOVES this stuff!  He could eat it at every meal if I offered it!)

- Organic green beans (major fail ... he won't even eat them when they are mixed with a cube of sweet potatoes!)

- Mango (YUM!!  The more ripe the mango, the sweeter!  If you puree it long enough, you can get an awesome, store quality consistency!)

- Summer Squash (only likes it when it is with 1 cube of sweet potatoes!)

- Steel Cut Oat/Millet/Raisin homemade cereal (grind equal parts oats/millet, add powder to appropriate amount of boiling water, in the mean time, soak 1/2 cup - 2/3 cup organic raisins in very hot water, then puree, mix together!)  YUM!!

- Peas (steamed like normal, then pushed through a mesh strainer to leave the "skins" behind!  He enjoyed them with a splash of breast milk and a bit of applesauce!)

- Prunes (These are a HUGE hit!) - I never knew you could make these until I found a great recipe.  I read that plums were one of the least sprayed fruits, so it wasn't as big of a deal to purchase organic.  I found some Sunset D'Noir (preservative free) dried prunes/plums, steamed them, then pureed them.  I had to add a LOT of water (probably at least a whole cup to improve the consistency.  It was very sticky!  They are sooooo good!!  I even enjoy them!!

- Peaches (steamed organic frozen peaches, took out excessive water, pureed!)

- Next on the list ... zucchini and butternut squash!

Figured out the "dropsy" game rather quickly!
For the past 10-12 days, Jackson has been giving me at least an 8-10 hour stretch off the bat, followed by an early AM feeding (5/6am), then back to bed till 8am!! :)  I can get used to this!!  I feel like a new woman and have so much more patience!! Ha!!  At least the first 5 out of those 10 days, he was waking up around 1 or 2am, I went in to his room, re-positioned him in the crib, then left, he only cried about 10-15 min each time.  Now, he usually doesn't wake up till 5 or 6am!!

My daddy is HILARIOUS!

Sweet BOY!

Love my pop-n-pal Elmo version!
Any fun foods your baby likes that you think I should try making??  I am always up for new recipes and suggestions!!

Thanks also for your prayers!  I know many of you have prayed for direction and wisdom with his sleeping issues!  I covet those prayers!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Allyson,

So glad the sleeping situation is much better and that your feeling
like a new person.

I can't believe Jackson is already 7 months old and almost sitting up alone.

All of your Easter pictures and these pictures of Jackson are adorable.

May God richly bless you and your beautiful family.


Amy said...

He's amazingly cute!! :)
Hope you're doing well! I'm getting ready to do a 6 mos post on my little guy!