Monday, June 30, 2008

Name that baby....

Until we find out the "anatomical features" of our child in August, I am looking for a new name for "baby."

To begin, I have to give credit where credit is due -- Katie (Wipperman) McHugh is currently pregnant and has a hilarious blog . In her blog, she calls her baby "turnip" and it is quite catchy. I feel like I know turnip already! I am not sure where the name came from exactly, however I think she always found it comical when the weekly update emails compared her child to a food item. I assume that is how she got the name turnip. (Katie, correct me if I am wrong).

So, here is where you come in ......... please leave me some ideas in the comments section of names that I can call our "baby" until he/she has an actual name!

Thanks for your help!


ValJoy said...

Congratulations! We're so excited for you! You two will be great parents, we're sure. Isn't it nice to be at 14 weeks and not at the beginning of the first trimester? Sure, it's a long 9 months. But at least the "morning" sickness is so much the more done than it was 14 weeks ago. I hope you're not still feeling sick?

Katie! said...

Yay for the second trimester! And yay for blogging! Congrats on both!

You're right on - the name 'Turnip' came from an exclamatory post I wrote about how I had read that the baby was the size of a turnip. I talked about how I don't even like turnips and that the food analogy thing is WEIRD. Anyway, the name stuck!

I imagine that if you're looking for a nickname, one will find its way to you! A friend of a friend had a "fetal nickname" of Rognar, so named after a worrisome complication made the parents feel that the baby needed a formidable and scary name to fend of the potential illness. It worked for them!

Lots of love and best of luck with everything! Update often!

Amanda said...

just happened to click on your comment on jen's blog...and voila, realized it was you! my goodness...not sure when the last time was that i saw you...though i hear about your life occasionally! congrats on marriage and pregnancy and all that jazz...

as for baby nicknames...we lovingly referred to elizabeth as "ham" in utero...long, strange story...but ham she was. then kate was "stubbers"...after the first ultrasound and seeing the stubby arms and legs. i definitely agree with katie...a nickname will find its way to you...and then it will simply stick.

amanda (new zealand case you are thinking, who in the world is leaving me this comment!)

Amanda said...

okay..just noticed from your profile that you are in avon...wouldn't you know it...we're just minutes away..up in the "burg"