Monday, May 9, 2016

Food Allergy Awareness Week: Surf Sweets Organic Candy

Recently I was given wonderful opportunity to review Surf Sweets Organic Candy!  I was thrilled to get my sample box in the mail!  Needless to say the kids were bouncing off the walls when it arrived!  Surf Sweets candy is made with organic fruit juice and sweeteners in a facility free of the top 10 food allergens.  My favorite feature of this candy is that it is made WITHOUT high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, and flavors!!

Surf Sweets Organic Candy comes in a variety of gummy candies and jelly beans!  They offer a safe choice to families with food allergies that everyone can enjoy!

MY REVIEW:  Nothing makes this mama more happy than to see a "clean" version of candy that I can give my kids for a special treat!  It tastes AMAZING, and I didn't feel terrible after eating my samples!!  You could really taste the real fruit flavor and not just "syrup!"  They are made in a NUT-FREE facility, which is huge for those families with serious nut allergies!  They are also dairy, casein, soy, and gluten free!  They are also vegan.  

For all of those families that deal with allergies, I highly recommend picking up some Surf Sweets candy!   Check out where you can purchase them HERE!

Surf Sweets are...

-made with natural colors and flavors
-made with organic fruit juice and sweeteners
-fortified with your daily allowance of Vitamin C
-one of the only candies made without corn syrup
-produced in a facility free of the ten most common allergens including nuts
-Stage 2 Feingold approved
-Made in the USA

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